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Our Services

EaPI supports individuals, businesses, and community groups, with a focus on developing initiatives in reducing waste and increasing resource efficiency.

Why Us?

We look at the big picture – long term sustainability and continual improvement. Our wide range of management and investigative experience allows us to identify opportunities in all aspects of your business. By offering an independent, objective assessment of your operations, we will save you time and money. 

  • Reduce your energy, water and waste costs.

  • Identify Savings Oppurtunities

  • Implement a Recognised Management System or Develop Your Own Improvement Plan

  • Continuous Improvement

Read What Our Clients Have to Say

EAPI appreciated the challenge of investigating the issue during normal working conditions. He applied a holistic, methodical, and innovative approach to establish the facts. His report included the basis for the findings, identified faults that were easily rectified, and some long term recommendations. We were happy to proceed with his suggestions.

When we met Noel we found that his knowledge and previous experience matched our requirements. He carried out some investigations, working with various members of our staff/team. He identified opportunities for improvement, some of which were resolved quickly…

EAPI’s presentation and the possible solutions proposed received a good response and prompted a lively discussion. We proceeded with some of the proposals and are very happy with the benefits.”

We needed support for our quality manager and found Noel from EAPI was the most versatile of the people we met. Since Noel joined our team, we are now in a better place to carry out internal audits and prepare for external audits…

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